The Perfect Story

Our story began January 30, 2013. Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery started as an online hair store selling hair extension, hot tools and products. 

June 13, 2018, we opened our first commissioned based hair salon.

Today, we are privileged to connect with thousands of customers online and service hundreds of clients in our salon throughout the year.

Perfect Distraction is named after the feeling and reaction a client experience after being pampered in a professional, fun environment. 

Our vision is for Perfect Distraction to become a prominent salon in metro Atlanta with multiple locations where our teams phenomenal customer service builds a positive rapport in the community.

Our mission is to make every client feel their best, while receiving a level of customer service they’ve never experienced. 

Our Service:
We’ve always believed in offering the best customer service possible. It’s our goal for all clients to be treated professionally and receive a stellar experience from trained and motivated hairstylist. Our clients travel from different cities, states and countries to experience how it feels to be a client of Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery. 

Our Salon:
Our salon is a place to unwind after a long day and be pampered by a professional team of stylist. Our clients enjoy quality service, an inviting atmosphere and a rememberable experience. 

Our Extensions: 
We are known for our luxury textured extensions, we offer 7 different textures and 4 different different methods, including, I-tip extensions, tape-In extensions, clip-in extensions and wefted extensions. Our extensions are made with 100% virgin hair that has not been treated or processed, however, you are able to color the extensions to your desired color of choice.

CEO and Founder of Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery 

Meet Ricola Elizabeth

Ricola’s passion for styling and maintaining healthy hair started long before she opened the first brick and mortar Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery in 2018. As a teenager she would often find herself busying her time with braiding the hair of girls and women in her local community. After graduating high school she enrolled as a student at Augusta State University. 

To help defray the expenses of college, she served as a brand representative and sales agent for the local beauty supply store. Through this partnership she was able to gain valuable insight and an in-depth knowledge of hair extensions and the proper way to care for them. Ricola excelled at this role and was making significant progress, that was until the beauty supply store decided to abruptly terminate their partnership with her. To some, this would’ve been an ultimate setback, but for Ricola this was the consequential spark that ignited a burning desire to no longer be an employee but to become her own employer. 

Armed with an innate business acumen, a passion for hair, and knowledge gained through work, the foundation for PDHG has been set! From styling hair, revitalizing damaged hair, and even selling hair and hair care products, Ricola’s dream had started to become a reality! The next stop was opening her very own salon. Through perseverance, dedication, and hard work the dream known as Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery became a reality.