How to Care for Hair Underneath Extensions

While extensions afford you a lot of versatility and protect your hair at the same time, neglecting your natural hair while wearing them is something you can’t do if you want healthy hair. Taking care of your hair when it's tucked away will ensure that once the extensions are removed, your new growth is strong and healthy. Since getting to your roots can be challenging while wearing extensions, we want to teach you a few tips to help you maintain your natural hair while taking a break from styling your own hair. Here are some expert tips for caring for your hair under extensions.

Shampoo and Condition

You should shampoo your natural hair underneath the extensions every 2 to 3 weeks. Thanks to new product innovations, there are options specifically made to dispense products to your scalp without too much trouble. Find a sulfate-free shampoo with a nozzle so the product can go straight to your scalp. The shampoo should be a clarifying shampoo that will remove buildup without drying out your hair. This will ensure your scalp is at its best under your new do. Concentrate the shampoo on your scalp and massage it with the balls of your fingertips. You can also use a high-quality dry shampoo between rinses if you live a very active lifestyle or tend to do a lot of sweating. This will keep the extensions from slipping out of place.

Don’t skip the conditioner just because your hair is in extensions! The conditioner will make sure to keep your natural hair moisturized underneath. Give your hair a few good rinses in the same fashion as the shampoo. Make sure to wrap your hair in a microfiber towel to prevent frizz and breakage.

Keeping Hair Hydrated 

Oiling the scalp, for some, is an excellent option to combat flakes. Be sure to use oils you know are compatible with your skin type to avoid clogging the pores of your scalp. When applying your oil of choice, it's best to avoid using it in any place other than your scalp. Another applicator bottle with a nozzle tip makes applying the oil of your choice easy and clean without getting oil on your hair. 

Sticking to lightweight formulas like jojoba or argan oil are best, but make sure you use what’s best for you and your hair. If you're going to be wearing a sew-in, invest in an applicator bottle with a nozzle tip. It will direct the oil where you want it to go without getting it on the rest of your hair. You should also use a nourishing leave-in conditioner with natural ingredients that won’t clog the pores.


Protecting Your Hair While You Sleep

How you take care of your hair while you’re sleeping is just as important as how you take care of it during the day. Wearing silk head coverings before going to bed is a great way to lock in your hair's moisture. Sleeping with you no hair protection not only adds frizz to your extensions and real hair but also dries them out. If your extensions or natural hair is too dry it will be easier for breakage and split ends to occur. Always have a good nighttime routine when it comes to taking care of your extensions and your natural hair will thank you in the long run.


Get the Hair Professionally Removed

Your hair will likely grow about ½ to 1-inch beneath the extensions, and as the time to uninstall nears, you will feel the difference in the tightness of your braids or hair underneath. When left in too long, extensions can start to lose their luster, but one of the biggest pitfalls of leaving in a weave too long is that your own hair can become matted. A deep clean and trim after six to eight weeks is maintenance no one should skip after wearing extensions or a protective style that includes extensions. 

The temptation to keep your extensions in beyond eight weeks can be there if your hair still looks good, but honestly, you shouldn’t. Remember that the health of your hair is more important than the look of the extensions. Making sure your natural hair can breathe and is moisturized will help to remove the weight and tension of the extensions from the natural hair.

Extensions allow you to get just about any style or color you can imagine, so take advantage of the versatility, but make sure to care for your own natural hair underneath. 

Did you learn anything new about how to keep your hair healthy underneath your extensions? Here at Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery, our professional cosmetologists will keep the hair underneath your extensions a priority while keeping your extensions looking beautiful and luxurious!


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