Alot of people ask, "How did Perfect Distraction begin?" It’s actually pretty funny how Perfect Distraction began. December 2012 I was fired from my job, I was a cashier and sales rep for a local beauty supply store in Augusta, Ga. Like most people, I began looking for a job ASAP, but I didn’t have any luck. At the time I was a junior in college, with no job, bills to pay and no money. Well I had a little money, enough to pay my rent for the next few months while I continued my job search or enough to invest into a company that I had very high hopes for. Yep, you guessed it, I spent all the money I had and invested it into Perfect Distraction. My initial thought was, “oh I’m going to make the money right back.”  I’m so glad I had people to support me because that’s exactly what happened. To my surprise, I made more money in the first 2 months “hustling,” than I did the previous year working at the beauty supply store.  Now you know I was too excited and that excitement has led to my company’s growth. I started my company selling one texture of hair, now I sell 5 different textures, I sell 7 different hair care products, I sell flat irons and Summer 2018 I opened my first hair salon.  Sometimes I can’t believe Perfect Distraction is actually a company that I started with my little brain. I smile from the thought of it because within the first 2 years I experienced a lot of growth within my company. However, with most companies you do have challenges. Honestly, I’m my own biggest challenge.  I’m a huge procrastinator and I’m unorganized. It’s a daily struggle for me, but I’m improving daily because I know my dreams are bigger than myself. I understand that my dreams will not work unless I do, therefore, I make myself do things I don’t feel like doing because a dream with no action is only a dream.