Micro Beads


Perfect Distraction Micro Beads are very durable, slip resistant, do not fade in color and our beads are customized to fit out I-Tip Extensions perfectly! We have an option purchase a 200 count or 500 count of beads with 6 different shades to choose from. 

Product Description

Perfect Distraction Micro Beads consist of 200 and 500 count of beads. You will need 150 to 200 pieces to complete a full install. 

To remove Perfect Distraction Micro Bead’s you will need to use our Microlink Pliers. Our Microlink pliers have a firm edge to clamp the Micro Bead onto the I-Tip extensions and the clients hair, in addition to, three removal loops on the pliers to remove the Mirco Bead from the extensions and clients hair. 

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