Tape-In Bond Remover


Tape-In Bond Remover

Fast & Easy Removal

Perfect Distraction Tape-In Bond Remover are available with two options, a spray remover or a nozzle remover. The remover that you choose, is based off of personal preference. Our bond remover works great to loosen the tape-in bonds for a fast and easy removal.

Product Description:

Our Tape-In Bond Remover comes in two different sizes, our spray remover is 1.2 FL. OZ and our nozzle remover is 1 FL. OZ. For a fast tape in removal, gently put the remover onto the tape-in portion of the extensions, let it sit for 30 seconds and gently remove the extensions from your real hair. 

Once the extensions are completely removed, use our PDHG shampoo and conditioner to properly clarify your real hair and the extensions. 

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