Textured Straight I-Tip Microlinks


I-Tip Hair Extensions 

Adds Length & Volume 

I-Tip Microlinks looks so natural, most people wouldn’t believe it’s extensions! I-Tip Microlink is a strand by strand technique used to attach I-Tip extensions to your real hair. No heat or glue that required to install the extensions. Our extensions are made with virgin human hair that can be chemically altered, cut and styled to achieve any desired look. We are the #1 rated hair company for textured I-Tip extensions. 

Product Description

Perfect Distraction I-Tip extension weigh 1g per bundle. Each bundle includes 100 pieces. Typically a full install requires 150 to 200 pieces (two bundles) depending on the density of your clients hair and the circumference of your clients head. Our hair is 100% Virgin Hair that has not been treated or process, however, you are able to color the extensions to your desired color of choice.

Texture Straight matches perfectly with Type 3 hair in it’s blown out state.

Install, Removal & Reinstallation: Our I-Tip are pre-tipped with Keratin and is ready to install using our Itip Microlink Pliers and our non-fading, easy grip Microlink beads and our Microlink Looper)

Durability: Perfect Distraction I-Tip Extensions last 20 to 24 weeks ( 6 months) per install and can be reused for future installs without any damage to the tip of the extensions. To reinstall the extensions you will need to replace the original Microlink Beads.


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