How to Protect Extensions on Vacation!

Summertime is here! Do you plan on going on vacation? Will you be out by the pool, swimming in the ocean, and be out in the sun? All of these can wreak havoc on your extensions if you’re unsure how to manage them. But you don’t have to let the heat, humidity, or chlorine win against your hair; and doing so doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you’ve just installed some new clip-ins or microlinks, in this article we’ll tell you everything you need to do to protect your extensions during your summer vacation!


Shampoo and Conditioner

Don’t forget to pack your sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner! Sulfate contains harsh ingredients that can strip your extensions of their moisture and oils, which will leave them looking and feeling dry, especially if you have textured extensions. Invest in a shampoo and conditioner that is moisture-rich so your hair is thriving for all of your vacation time. Make sure to moisturize your hair underneath too with a light oil to protect your scalp and edges. Also, be sure to keep your hair detangled in the heat.


Swimming In the Pool or Salt Water

Do you plan on swimming this summer with extensions? Protect the color and condition of your extensions by keeping them out of the ocean or pool. Salt water and chlorine can cause your extensions to discolor, tangle, and matt. You can put your hair up in a high bun if you don’t plan to swim under the water, or you can invest in a swimming cap if you plan to take some deep dives. If your extensions do come in contact with chlorine or salt water, rinse your hair immediately to wash away any chemicals or sea salt.


Minimal Heat Styling

For your extensions to look as full and moisturized as possible, be sure to use as little heat on them during vacation as possible. This will make the extensions last longer and keep their vibrancy and fullness for as long as possible. Using minimal heat will be a lot easier if you wear extensions that match your natural hair texture. Here at Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery, we have seven different hair textures that are guaranteed to be a perfect match for you. Get them here.


Keep Your Styles Low Maintenance

One way to protect your hair while also giving you maximum time to enjoy yourself is by sticking to styles that are as low maintenance as possible. Plaits are trendy and help to prevent tangles and matting while keeping your hair out of your face, while a low ponytail is quick and goes with any look you’re going for. Our extensions are seamless and will work with these hairstyles. Everyone will think the hair is growing from your scalp!


Did you learn how to care for your extensions on vacation? The smartest thing to do is to use older extensions during your vacation, then get your hair done when you come back home! Get your hair touched up at our Sandy Springs location:

Or at our Smyrna location:


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