Bodywave K-Tips


K-Tip Hair Extensions

Adds Length & Volume

K-Tip Microlinks looks so natural, most people wouldn’t believe it’s extensions! K-Tip extensions is a strand by strand method of attaching extensions to your natural hair for a seamless blend. Each bond is made of keratin, we use ultra sonic frequencies to connect the bonds to your hair. Ultra sonic frequencies is a cold method of applying the extensions which is healthier for the growth and stability of your hair.

Product Description

Perfect Distraction K-Tip extension weigh 1g per bundle. Each bundle includes 100 pieces. Typically a full install requires 150 to 200 pieces (two bundles) depending on the density of your clients hair and the circumference of your clients head. Our hair is 100% Virgin Hair that has not been treated or process, however, you are able to color the extensions to your desired color of choice.

Bodywave matches perfectly with Type 4 hair in it’s straighten state.

Install, Removal & Reinstallation: Our K-Tips are pre-tipped with Keratin and is ready to install using an ultra sonic frequency machine. Our can K-Tips can be removed using K-Tip keratin bond remover.

Durability: Perfect Distraction K-Tip Extensions last 6 months per install. K-Tip extensions cannot be re-installed.


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