Why are Consultations Manadatory?

Consultations are a vital part of any hair styling service. It’s the best way you can give your stylist all the insight they need to give you the best service possible, whether that be with extensions, color, a cut, or any hairstyle your heart desires. We’ll let you know why consultations are important and why you should schedule one with your new stylist ASAP.


Virtual vs In-Person Consultations:

Virtual consultations are perfect for people that live outside of the area of the salon you’ll be attending so they don’t have to make that trip twice. Virtual consultations also ensure that clients can remain in the safety of their own space while they learn about hair services or products if they choose to do so. Virtual consultations can be conducted via FaceTime, zoom or over the phone. At Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery, virtual consultations are conducted over the phone and photos of the clients hair is submitted via email. Once we’re able to choose a desired look, the appointment is reserved and the client is comfortable and confident about their desired style. 
Your in-person consultation is the first opportunity to meet your stylist face to face and see how well they fit. You don’t want someone you don’t like to do your hair for hours on end. You also will discuss with your stylist all there is to know about the desired service you would like to receive, so have your questions ready to know whether or not the service you want is right for you, or if another service is a better fit. A licensed cosmetologist will go over your hair needs, desired results, length, (for extensions) pricing, and care.
You will need to give your stylist the following information for a successful consultation:
  • pictures of the style you want or a similar style you like
  • information about the occasion, your needs, and how much time you have for maintaining your hair
  • information about your hair's recent history- including colors done and other chemicals used that could adversely affect the outcome of your hairstyle and hair's condition
  • information about any past bad experiences with hairstylists
By showing your stylist pictures there can be no misunderstanding about what you want and expect with your hair. It helps give the stylist a visual representation, which helps them out tremendously.


Have you done a consultation before? Book a virtual tape-in consultation with Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery here: https://perfectdistractionhg.com/pages/appointments 

Book an in-person salon consultation here: https://perfectdistractionhg.com/pages/appointments

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