10 Facts You Need to Know About Tape-In Extensions

Have you been wondering about whether or not to get tape-in extensions? Is it worth it? How much do they cost? What is maintenance like? Well, we’re answering all your questions and more here! Tape-In extension has become a hot commodity amongst textured hair. There’s so many questions and so many people are interested in investing in luxury extensions. Before you jump the gun, make sure you properly educate yourself and we are here to help!
What are Tape-In Extensions?
Tape-in extensions are just like clip-in extensions except they are made of tapes instead of clips. The actual tape wefts start out with thin clear polyurethane panels that get attached with virgin human hair and medical grade hair extension tape. This keeps the tape safe from any amount of heat when curling, straightening, or blowing it out. 
How Do I Install Tape-In Extensions?

Tapes are applied to the hair using 2 of the wefts sandwiched together with your own hair in-between. To apply the tape-ins, section your hair, apply the extension, and secure the extensions by firmly pressing the two extensions together to create a secure install. Make sure the extension is secure, and not slipping! For a proper install, It’s suggested to have a professional stylist to do it for you! Perfect Distraction has two locations that offer Tape-In installations, check out our Smyrna and Sandy Springs locations.

How Much Do Tape-In Extensions Cost?

Tape-in hair extensions are the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method available for the cost of application. Depending on the amount of hair you get, (we recommend at least 80 pieces, 200 grams) tape-ins can cost anywhere from $200-$400 on average. At Perfect Distraction you can get our Tape-ins for around $150 for each bundle and each bundle consists of 40 pieces!

How Long Does a Tape-In Service Take? 

Tape-In installation takes an estimate of three hours for a full install. The install includes a shampoo, hydration treatment, clipping of the ends, install and style. It’s very important that your hair is completely healthy before installation. During the consultation, your stylist will inform you of the current health of your hair and approve or disapprove you for the service. Would you like to know if you’re a good candidate for Tape-Ins? Schedule your FREE consultation today. 

Will Tape-Ins Cause Breakage?

Tape-In extensions help promote healthy hair growth. During the duration of your install, you’re able to receive hair and scalp treatments every two to three weeks. You’re able to wear your tape extensions for six to eight weeks, within eight weeks you would be able to experience one inch in healthy hair growth. However, if installed incorrectly, you could experience breakage. 

How Long Do Tape-In Extensions Last?

A tape-in installation will last from six to eight weeks. To make your tape-ins last as long as possible make sure to wash and condition them regularly, don’t sleep on them when they are wet, wrap your hair at night, avoid excess heat styling, and regularly brush or comb them.

Are There Textures to Match Textured Hair?

Tape-in extensions are sold in various hair textures, from Type 1 to Type 4 hair. All textured hair extensions, especially type 4, need to be treated as you treat your real hair, or they’ll be more prone to damage or matting, and we don’t want that! Don’t neglect the hair and it’ll last.

Can I Shampoo My Hair with Tape-Ins?

You can wash your hair with tape-in extensions installed. Do this by brushing or combing the hair and using a shampoo and conditioner specifically for extensions. Start at the root and slowly rub the shampoo downward through the hair. You do not need to shampoo all the way to the tips. Don’t use a scrubbing or circular motion while shampooing the hair as this will tangle it. Condition the hair from the mid shaft down and make sure to not get conditioner on the adhesive part of the tape. Carefully brush and air dry the hair for the best results.

How Long Will My Tape-In Extensions Last?

Tape-in extensions are reusable for up to 1-years. To reuse the tape-ins, clean the excess glue off of the tapes, then wash the hair. Give them a good conditioning so that they are nice and soft, then air dry the hair. Once they are air dried, they should no longer feel sticky at the top where the tape was. If you want to replace the tapes, find the bump side of the tape as this is the side where the tape goes. Replace the tapes with Perfect Distraction’s Replacement Tape, and follow the directions on the package.

How Should I Remove My Extensions?

The safest and most effective way to remove your tape in hair extensions is to seek professional assistance from a licensed cosmetologist. Oil-based removers for tape in-hair extensions can vary from coconut oil, olive oil, and many more. This method typically requires the user to layer the oil at the top of the tab and allow time for the oil to seep down in between the tab and loosen the tackiness from the tape. Alcohol-based removers are generally in a liquid spray form, being sprayed directly above the tape in the hair. Our Bond Remover is oiled based and is offered in a nozzle and spray form.

Did we answer all your questions about  Tape-Ins? Here at Perfect Distraction Hair Gallery, we sell Tape-In extensions, provide the service and offer all the products needed to care for them! 

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